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Specializing in the equine industry, Pegasus Marketing provides integrated strategies for communications, marketing, and public relations.  Services include:
  • writing, editing, consulting (articles, books, press releases, blogs, email newsletters, websites and social media)
  • photography, graphics design, public relations and event management
  • new product support, promotional campaigns, and sponsorship consulting

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Current articles are featured in Welsh Review, The Paisley Pony, Carolina Hoofbeats and NCDCTA Newsletter.

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   Pegasus Marketing's principal, Sarah Blanchard, is an award-winning writer, teacher, instructor, coach and horse show judge, and the author / co-author of three books published by Howell Equestrian Library.
Sarah is a former editor and contributing writer for Carolina Hoofbeats magazine.  

In March 2008, Sarah launched Malama Lio, the Hawaii Horse Journal, and was its publisher through February 2011. Her writing and editing earned the magazine several awards for editorial excellence from American Horse Publications (AHP):

  • 2008 Service to the Reader, Honorable Mention: "Shipping Your Horse To (or From, or Within) Hawaii" (written by Sarah Blanchard)
  • 2008 Personal Column, Honorable Mention:  "Trust Goes Both Ways" (written by Sarah Blanchard)
  • 2009 Service to the Reader, 2nd place: "Cincha Fit: Is Your Cincha Right for Your Horse?" (written by Pete Gorrell, edited by Sarah Blanchard)

For information about the AHP awards, see the AHP website at

 Sarah was also interviewed in AHP's February 2009 Newsletter, "AHP Member Spotlight: Sarah Blanchard."

  Sarah's business background includes an MBA with emphasis on marketing; a BA in English; and more than twenty years in corporate marketing, facilities and sustainable operations management, website development, mainstream journalism and niche-market editing. She received a 2002 Marketing Excellence award from Fidelity Investments for her leadership role in developing a retirement planning website and calculators, and she taught business, marketing and communications at the University of Hawaii-Hilo for five years.


   In addition to articles in many horse magazines, Sarah freelances for several mainstream publications.  Recent articles:

Jump with Joy:  Positive Coaching for Horse and Rider(2008) The Power of Positive Horse Training: Saying Yes to Your Horse (2005) Carriage Driving: a Logical Approach to Training through Dressage (with Heike Bean, 1992, 2004)
Jump with Joy
Positive Training
Carriage Driving
Comments from readers:

"I've been searching for a book that could really help me with my position and help my green horse gain confidence, this is it!"

"I wish my instructors were this clear and logical in their explanations!"

"Very readable, clearly presented and correct! Should be in every owner/trainer's library."
"She's packed a tremendous amount of insight into this book ...delivered with common sense and a touch of humor. ...Store it in your tack room and learn to say yes, not no." -- The Chronicle of the Horse

Comments from a reader
: "What a wonderful book...great reference tool and morale builder when you and your equine partner hit a roadblock."

Sarah was interviewed about The Power of Positive Horse Training on The Horse Show with Rick Lamb on October 15, 2005.
"A book that will take the most novice beginner and permit him or her to progress to any level of driving with a clear understanding of how and why things are done." -- William E. Miller, M.D., President, American Driving Society

Comments from readers: "The modern bible for training the driving horse." "Highly readable, well illustrated." "Everyone in driving knows how great this book is."         AHP logo

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